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Mentor, Teacher, Coach

Dante Jackson is a master web developer based out of Dallas, Texas with Arkansas roots. He graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

He currently works as a Programmer for American Airlines and uses his spare time to volunteer alongside his fellow brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. He strongly values family and positively impacting his community.

Dante has over a decade of experience working with JavaScript and related client side frameworks such as React, Angular, Bootstrap, and JQuery. I also have a ton of experience developing solutions using Asp.Net, .Net Core MVC, REST API, Razor Pages, etc.

He attributes his overall success to his extensive knowledge of JavaScript, Strong Object Orianted concepts, his ability to break down challenging concepts to make them clear through live coding and explanations, and his genuine passion for teaching and helping others learn.

Being a mentor and teacher is not something Dante takes lightly. When he commits, he does so fully. Going above and beyond to ensure his students grasp all concepts is a must.

Dante understands that no two people are alike. Everyone has a different learning style and his students rave about his ability to be patient and versatile.

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